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Latham Fiberglass Pools

A.C.P.™ (Advanced Composite Pool)

The combining of premium raw materials and our unique ten stage manufacturing process creates a Latham Pool of unequaled look and performance. Find out more on our Advanced Composite Pool page.


Closed Beam Coping

Means your pool is built using the strongest method of construction in the industry.

Latham Pool Finish

Whether it's the natural beauty of Crystite®, the deep rich sparkle of the Diamond Series, or our standard gel coat, Latham pool finishes have an incredible limited lifetime warranty.

Vinyl Ester Resin

Provides you with greater impact resistance, optimum blister protection and a beautiful profile.

Exclusive Ceramic Core

The heart of every Viking pool is the ceramic core, sandwiched between two protective layers of specially designed resin and fiberglass. It adds a greater stiffness to the pool walls and provides enhanced water resistance. Independent lab tests showed the Viking pool had the Flexural strength of 41,976 P.S.I.

Hand Laid Fiberglass

The final stage of every Viking pool is a specially designed resin and hand laid fiberglass.

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